15 Steam Shower Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa (2024)

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15 Steam Shower Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa (1)Alexa EricksonUpdated: Feb. 15, 2024

    Get inspired to indulge in the luxury of a steam shower with these next-level options.


    Ergonomic Bench

    The double ergonomic benches in this steam shower allow two people to totally lay back with their heads propped up and their spines properly supported. It’s a great bench idea for an added touch of comfort as you sweat it out!


    Curved Frame Steam Shower

    Skip the standard rectangular shape of a stand-up shower and opt instead for this curved steam shower that does it all. It features a teak floor, 12 body massage jets, handheld showerhead, rainfall ceiling shower, chromatherapy lighting and aromatherapy system.


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    Sauna-Like Steam Room

    This large master bathroom contrasts the large white tiles on the wall and tub with small horizontal natural wood planks (probably cedar). The majority of the wood can be found in the steam shower. The addition of the oversize wooden bench makes it a sauna-like space that exudes relaxation.


    Travertine Domed Steam Shower

    This steam shower takes a note from ancient bath houses with its domed ceiling. The benches facing each other make it more of a communal space, reminiscent of classic steam rooms.


    Small Steam Shower with Window

    Just because your master bathroom is small doesn’t mean you can’t add in luxuries like a steam shower. This bathroom carries white tile throughout to open up the space and expanding into the shower, where a matching bench allows the user to sit while steaming. The small window ensures light opens up the space even more.


    Floating Bench

    A bench in a steam shower is essential for relaxation. If you want the shower to look bigger, installing a floating bench will free up floor space and trick the eye.


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    Modern Luxe Steam Shower

    This residential steam shower takes a page from steam showers at a luxury gym or hotel spa. From the muted tones and skylight to the wall-length block bench, this space gives you that pampered feeling.


    Turkish-Inspired Steam Shower

    This vibrant and unique residential steam shower pays homage to the traditional Turkish hamam (bath house) with its curved, tiled ceiling and mosaics.


    BlueTooth and Aromatherapy Steam Shower

    This steam shower combines the modern, clean look with the spa-like addition of a teak floor. You can purchase this as a complete unit, with incredible features like BlueTooth audio, so you can listen to relaxing music, and aromatherapy, to enhance your experience with calming and detoxifying essential oils.


    Steam Shower with Massager

    This steam shower looks like a modern steam chamber that you enter for all things luxury. The full unit includes a soaking bathtub base, foot massager, LED lighting, FM radio and an in-shower ventilation fan.


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    Modern Meets Natural

    This steam shower uses modern white subway tile to achieve a crisp, clean look on the upper half, while incorporating wood-look tile on the bottom half. The earthy hues and texture provide a natural, soothing feel.


    Retrofit Steam Shower

    You can purchase this gorgeous steam shower that’s full of fun features. The computer-controled timer panel for easy use, there’s a cleaning function for disinfection and a built-in radio. The unit has 20 acupressure body jets for massage therapy, handheld showerheads, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and two stools.


    Frameless Door

    Create a sleek and streamlined look by using a frameless door to enclose your steam shower. The shower will immediately become the focal point of your bathroom.


    Claw Foot Tub in a Steam Shower

    Enhance your steam shower by adding an elegant claw foot tub. Putting the tub behind a frameless shower door is an added bonus if you want to show off just how special your steam shower really is.


    Cave-Like Steam Shower

    This dramatically lit steam shower delivers a cave-like experience. The oversize, dark tiles, the built-in stone-look bench and the large waterfall shower head enhance the mysterious look and feel.

    Originally Published: March 11, 2019

    15 Steam Shower Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa (17)

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    15 Steam Shower Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa (2024)


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