DIY Valentine Door Decorations: How To Make Hanging Hearts (2024)

by Rachel Easley

I love a good hack in the crafting world! If there is something I can do to make my project a little easier, I’m all for it! Today’s crafting hack is one of my favorites especially because I really don’t enjoy sewing but I DO love my glue gun! These No Sew Hanging Heart Valentine Door Decorations are easy to make. Instead of sewing edges together, you can hot glue them. Valentine decorations are some of my favorite door decorations to make. I love all the hearts and the colors that come with the holiday!

This post was first published on January 31, 2017. I have updated it a bit and I am republishing because it is such a fun Valentines day door decoration. I hope you enjoy this cute craft! It is easy enough for children or adults can step up the finished product look by creating a cute stitching with embroidery thread around the edges. These hanging heart decorations can be used for your Valentine’s Day front door decor and/or for interior doors. After all, you can never have too much Valentines day door decor!

Cute Heart Door Decoration Tutorial

Valentine door decorations are a popular way to celebrate the holiday and add a festive touch to homes, schools, offices, and other spaces. A decorated door catches the attention of passersby and visitors, spreading joy and cheer during the holiday season. This No Sew Fabric Hanging Heart Is Perfect for Valentine’s Day Door Decoration. What better way to spread the message of love than a happy heart?

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Valentines Day Hanging Heart Decorations Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Thick Fabric (muslin or burlap work best)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Stuffing (wrapping paper, cotton balls, cotton batting, paper bags or newspaper)
  • Pen
  • Twine
  • Red and Pink Paint
  • Paintbrush
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Gather all your supplies and head to the table. Make sure you are close to a plug for your hot glue gun. Go ahead and get that plugged in to warm up.

How To MakeFabric Hanging Hearts:

Start with your pen and your fabric. Fold a piece of fabric in half and draw out your heart. Cut both pieces out and lay them side by side. Keep your fabric scrap for other fun fabric scrap reuse crafts.

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Pick one for the front and grab your red paint. Paint the front heart red and leave the back heart plain. After you have painted the whole front heart red, grab your light pink paint and place dots on your front heart. I just used my pinky finger to place the dots on the front heart!

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Let your painted heart dry for about 10 minutes. After it has dried (doesn’t have to be completely dry), grab your back heart and line the edges of half the heart with glue. Place the top heart on the bottom heart making sure to line up the edges along the glue. Next, start stuffing the side that is glued together. Once you get that side stuffed, come around a little farther with the glue and press edges together. Leave a small hole open so you can stuff the other half.

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Once you have stuffed your whole heart, seal up the remaining open spot with your hot glue. Finish up by gluing a small piece of twin on the back so that you can hand it on your front door!

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DIY Hanging Valentine Decorations Conclusion

There you have it! Cute, homemade Valentine Door Decorations. They arefun and easy to make for a great craft project to do with your kids. ThisValentine’s Day door decorationis a fun alternative to a wreath for your front door. These red hearts also make a cute door hanger for classroom doors. In fact, you can pink hearts too as the perfect way to fill the space on the door. After all, a bunch of sweethearts are the perfect way to decorate for the month of February and celebrate a day of love.

A decorated door can serve as a warm and welcoming gesture to guests, friends, and family members who visit during the holiday season. Valentine’s Day is all about love and appreciation, and decorating the door is one way to spread love and happiness to others in the community. Have you ever tried the trick of hot gluing a stuffed fabric decoration? Will you give these DIY Valentine decorations a try and make hanging hearts?

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DIY Valentine Door Decorations: How To Make Hanging Hearts (2024)


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