Farro and Green Bean Salad With Walnuts and Dill Recipe (2024)



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Healthy and delicious. Used beans and cherry tomatoes from my garden. Followed the directions for emmer (a type of farro wheat) which used less water. Check the water ratio for the wheat berry you use. Threw the cherry tomatoes in the oven at 350 for about 10-15 minutes until they were about to burst. Plated it on some lettuce with tomatoes grouped around the edge and crumbled feta cheese on top. We both agreed it made a fabulous dinner. We used the full recipe for the two of us.

Penni Gladstone

Ho yea this one is great. Listened to others and added cherry tomatoes, feta, and olives nicoise. I don't like green bean used French beans instead and large shallot. Guests loved it


My resident taster (husband) suggested adding black olives along with the feta and roasted garden tomatoes suggested by others.Delicious!

Alice Lake

Can this be served cold/room temperature?


I make this EXACTLY as written every Sunday, and enjoy it all week until it runs out. I've tried messing with it, and come back to the original every time. One of my favorite recipes ever.

Rona Maynard

I’m not a fan of crisp-tender green beans unless they’re French beans, so I roasted mine (great for flavor but not for appearance). While satisfying as a side, this dish came into its own as a lunchtime salad with the addition of tinned Italian tuna. The olive oil clinging to the tuna nicely complements the gremolata, which I found a bit dry.

Joe W.

Bright and flavorful side for a summer bbq…it could be served cold as the leftovers are also delicious. As mentioned in the recipe, add some acid right before serving. I wish people would just review the recipes as written and stop rewriting them…go start a food blog and leave your opinions there.


Simply a party in the mouth, chewy, crunchy, sour, salty, fresh! I added lemon juice and feta as suggested at the end, and cut the beans into bite sized lengths so no knife needed. Perfect summer vegetarian entree, or buffet/pot luck dish.


This is amazing! Like others, I added cherry tomatoes and feta, but it would still be delicious without them. I also did half dill, half parsley, which I would definitely recommend.


I've made a version of this twice now. I used elements of Charlie Bird's Farro Salad (as included on NYT Cooking by Melissa Clark) I'm new to farro -- I liked a cup of apple cider vinegar added to the cooking water along with bay leaves - (1) mixed herb or (2) mint- gremolata was very yummy. I added this to a basic green salad for a week's worth of lunches. I think I'll always want walnuts with my farro going forward.


Used sh*take mushrooms in place of green beans (pan-roasted with lots of garlic) alongside feta, dill, and parsley! A wonderful salad


Loved this dish. My son said, Mom you keep sneaking in the vegetables in yummy dishes like this one. I added cubed Feta, 1/2 c, before serving, very savory. Also, I did used Freekah as the grain, more toothsome than Farro.


So adaptable! Mixed fresh herbs in my gremolata: dill, parsley, Thai basil, mint. Preserved lemon in lieu of fresh plus zest. Added seared summer squash because I needed to use some up! Finished with pomegranate vinegar

Sf. Crumrine

Dope sal’ad! Make it! Serve it with some pan seared fishes (did cod). You bet!


Wow. I've become one of those people. Instead of walnuts I used sliced almonds. Instead of dill I used cilantro. Instead of lemon zest I used grapefruit zest. All subs were because that's what I had and did not want to go back to the grocery store. I added the sliced cherry tomatoes.....PHENOMENAL!! I'm sure it would be phenomenal if followed as written and that's just the definition of a fantastic recipe!


While all the modifications sound lovely, none of them are needed. The recipe as written is gorgeous and allows each ingredient to shine (I say this mainly because I was worried it would be boring). I made this for my family’s pre-Thanksgiving book club and was told by multiple people it was the best bite they took all week.


I used what I had: chopped hazlenuts (which I toasted, per the instructions), [grated] orange rind, chopped parsley, and lime juice. Salting the farro and asparagus is essential. I had cooked the original walnut-dill version and it is delicious. Very flexible recipe. The key is the pairing of ingredients.


This is a new favourite in our household! I've made it many times with slight changes (according to what I have on hand) and this is what I've learned: (1) the size and variety of green bean doesn't matter--they all work wonderfully; (2) pecans make an excellent sub for walnuts; (3) absolutely do not skip the dill. I often double the recipes to ensure I have leftovers, which hold up very well and taste great. However, I wouldn't intend to serve this cold because olive oil tends to solidify.


I made this several times already as is and it is one of my favorite salad recipes. I want to report to the fandom of this salad that since I ran out of farro, I used quinoa this time and it works really well too. Even though I also like olives and feta and added both this time but I really find it unnecessary!


Made as is except for adding some chunks of feta when finished. I read through all the notes and next time will follow suggestions in comments - adding some roasted cherry tomatoes and some kalamata olives. This was a satisfying summer supper served with some watermelon :) Happy to have lots leftover for lunches.


Thought about subbing almonds for walnuts and so glad I didn’t! This was amazingly good!


hearty, healthy & delicious. Made exactly as described and ate as side to fish then, next day, added feta and cherry tomatoes along with extra lemon squeezes for lunch. Cannot go wrong with this!


How long can this be made ahead, before serving?


Delicious dish- it was a big hit with the family! Farro is such a versatile grain. I had all ingredients on hand except for fresh dill. It was still very good. Great cold and/or warm. I served it with lamb chops and cucumber salad.


I enjoyed this as a light lunch, occasionally with a poached egg on the side. I would reduce the amount of red onion (or perhaps just dice it a bit finer) which is more a function of my cooking skill than the recipe really.


This is such a good "go-to salad" for grilled proteins and when you are truly tired of potato, pasta. and slaw salads. I like a bit of crumbled feta and have used a variety of nuts.


I’ve been making this recipe for a year now. Whenever I make it, I just can’t stop eating it — it’s that good! In the summertime, I grill the beans. Super yum!!


Absolutely delicious. I was very generous with the dill, walnuts, and lemon. I can anticipate this being wonderful as a cold salad as well.

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Farro and Green Bean Salad With Walnuts and Dill Recipe (2024)


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