New Spring Table Decor From Target - hostessology (2024)

New Spring Table Decor From Target - hostessology (1)

Target is one of my favorite places to shop, and I know that I’m not alone in this! I love looking at their new seasonal decor – it always inspires me to get started on updating my home for the coming time of year. Their 2024 spring table decor is just so gorgeous that I had to order a haul to share with you. I mixed new things from my haul with some old favorites from Target, Amazon, and Anthropologie to refresh my kitchen table and console. When you stick with a mostly neutral color palette in your home, popping in new tones seasonally is much easier. That’s just what I did with this green and peach spring centerpiece. The space feels like sunshine now – definitely the pick-me-up it needed. In this post, I’ll share more about it as well as about the decor I used to restyle my console table so that you can take some ideas and refresh your own home!

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This post is all about spring table decor.

Spring Table Decor

If you haven’t looked at Target recently, consider this your sign to go – if for nothing else than this stunning floral arrangement. There’s a reason it currently has 5 stars! It comes with four stems arranged in a textured white vase. The blooms are incredibly realistic and the peachy blush color is perfection. Run and grab one for yourself while it is still in stock!

I placed the new vase with faux florals in a new green ceramic tray I picked up from the Target Studio McGee collection. This piece looks high-end and expensive – but is actually affordable. The musted shade of green is a “chef’s kiss” good, and the glaze and shape really elevate the look. I can see using this as a table centerpiece but also on a coffee table.

Next to the florals, I used my old gold taper candle holders from Target. I bought these years ago and have used them over and over. Unfortunately, they are no longer available, but here are similar ones that have a more updated shape. The spiral candles are from the dollar store (I recently used them on this table), but Target also has textured taper candles.

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Lastly, I bought a new spring table runner from the Hearth and Hand collection. The subtle stripes are a sweet light green and cream that pair nicely with the tray. I like that the runner is long (90″) and hangs over the edges of my table, and it would work perfectly for an Easter tablescape too.

That’s it for the spring table! Nice and simple. This is a look my family can live with on a daily basis and enjoy for the next few months.

Spring Console Table Refresh

Next, for the console table that is near our kitchen table, I reworked it using some old favorites from Target, Amazon, and Anthropologie. Most are still available and linked below in case any catch your eye.

New Spring Table Decor From Target - hostessology (4)

The key to styling just about any space is to create visual triangles. For the top of this triangle, I filled a distressed ceramic vase with olive branches. This vase is great because the opening at the top is narrow, which makes arranging long stems like this so much easier. It comes in two sizes – I have the 12″. The olive stems have been a staple in my home for years, and I keep ordering and adding to my collection. They’re in vessels all over my house, and I love that they look so realistic.

Next, I placed a gorgeous-footed gold bowl filled with moss balls on top of two of my favorite coffee table books – Call It Home by Amber Lewis and AD at 100 by Architectural Digest. Like the olive branches, these books move around from room to room and were worth every penny of the investment. I especially like the combination of these two being a light linen and a chocolate brown. The combo is so good.

Finally, the space needed a wood element, so I pulled in a wood serving stand. This cute little piece is under $15 and I love using it on coffee tables, my kitchen counter, and now this console table. It comes in two sizes and colors – I have the brown 7″. For the candle, I chose a favorite – Capri Blue volcano – from Anthropologie that smells like heaven. The scent gives spring vibes all throughout the space!

Save These Ideas

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New Spring Table Decor From Target - hostessology (2024)


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