What is the cheapest Sandals Resort? The most affordable Sandals Resort (2024)

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So you want a luxury, all-inclusive vacation, but you’re on a budget. As a honeymoon travel agent, I am often asked, “what is the cheapest Sandals Resort?”

Today, we will talk about the cheapest Sandals Resort (spoiler alert: it’s not “cheap”) and more importantly, why it’s the best value for the price. I don’t like to use the word “cheapest,” but I did it for search purposes. For my purposes, let’s consider this the Sandals Resorts that offers the most value for the price!

Sandals Resorts are known for their striking white sand beaches, luxurious accommodations, and impeccable customer service.

All Sandals Resorts are all-inclusive (Sandals takes it a step further with “luxury-included”) which means you can enjoy unlimited gourmet dining, premium beverages, daily activities and entertainment, water sports, land sports, nightly live music, and shows.

You won’t find them on this list, but if you’re looking for the Sandals Resorts closest to the US (with the cheapest flights!), make sure to check out Two Amazing Sandals Resorts in the Bahamas.

Also, it’s not the cheapest destination to access but Sandals newest resort – Sandals Royal Curacao – has some amazing grand opening specials!

Which Sandals Resort is the best value?

So, let’s get straight to what you came here for. After I talk about the least expensive Sandals resort, I’ll share a few others that start at a reasonable price, so make sure to stick around for that.

So, what is the cheapest Sandals Resort? Sandals Ochi.

Located in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, Sandals Ochi is the perfect resort for honeymooners and couples looking to get away. Sandals Ochi was completely renovated in 2016 and features beachfront accommodations and more private (and often the least expensive) “Great House” rooms.

Sandals Ochi is a 1.5-hour drive from Montego Bay Airport, which isn’t that bad since all Sandals bookings include free transfers from the airport. Check out what isn’t included at Sandals Resorts to learn more about what is and isn’t included at Sandals. Spoiler alert: almost everything is included!

You can learn even more about Sandals Ochi here: Everything you need to know about Sandals Ochi.

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Sandals Ochi – Sandals most affordable resort

Sandals Ochi boasts the most pools of any Sandals Resort – 105! Yes, 105 pools. The reason for the vast amount of pools is that many Butler and Club level rooms have private and semi-private pools. There’s also a golf course, which is included in your stay.

Located 110 lush acres, Sandals Ochi also offers 16 restaurants and 11 bars, including “The Rabbit Hole.” A speakeasy where you’ll need a password to get in! Ask the concierge or your Butler for the password. The Rabbit Hole is unique to Sandals Ochi so while Sandals Ochi may be the least expensive Sandals Resort, it has one of the most interesting bars!

If you’re not convinced, you can go here to check prices, view a beautiful photo brochure, or contact me for a more customized service.

The best part about Sandals Ochi is that club-level and Butler level rooms tend to be a very reasonable upgrade. So if you want Butler-level service, but you’re on a budget, Sandals Ochi can be an incredible deal.

How much does Sandals cost?

The truth is there is no good answer to “how much does it cost to stay at Sandals?” The pricing will vary wildly by resort and time of year.

By the way, did you know that you can hold a room at Sandals Resorts for free while you decide? Check out how to hold a Sandals room FOR FREE to learn how.

Since this blog post discusses the more affordable Sandals Resorts, let’s talk about the pricing at Sandals Ochi first.

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Sandals Ochi starts at a reasonable $212/per person/per night. So you’re looking at a starting price of just over $400/per night per couple. This, of course, is for your basic level room and during a slower season. You can also get the best prices by booking in advance.

That said, Sandals Ochi is still the most affordable Sandals Resort and in the range of some other high-end luxury all-inclusive resorts such as Hyatt Zilara Cancun.

The most affordable Sandals Resorts

While Sandals Ochi is the cheapest Sandals Resort, a few others come in close. The other Sandals Resorts that are the least expensive include:

Sandals Negril

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Located on the famous Seven Mile Beach, Sandals Negril has one of the best beaches of any Sandals Resort. Sandals Negril is also home to 7 restaurants, 5 bars, and four pools.

Sandals Negril is the smallest Sandals Resort, which can be a pro or a con depending on your preference. If you want a walkable resort that is more private, Sandals Negril might be perfect for you.

Pricing at Sandals Negril starts at $484/night. You can check prices for your preferred dates and view a beautiful photo brochure here.

Sandals South Coast

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Set on 500-acres, Sandals South Coast is the only Sandals Resort that is all beachfront. Almost all rooms have an ocean view too!

Sandals South Coast also offers overwater bungalows, nine restaurants, four pools, and 7 bars. Of course, the Sandals overwater bungalows come at a premium and likely won’t work for a Sandals vacation on a budget.

If you’re looking for the perfect Sandals Resort for a destination wedding, Sandals South Coast offers a stunning overwater chapel with a glass floor. Sandals South Coast is one of only two resorts in Jamaica that made the list here: Which Sandals Resort has the best beach?

The other Jamaican resort with the best beach, Sandals Negril, is also among the most inexpensive Sandals Resorts!

Pricing at Sandals South Coast begins at $482/night. Check pricing for your preferred dates and view a photo brochure here. Remember that Sandals regulates their pricing, so it’s best to book with a Travel Agent or with Sandals directly.

Sandals Montego Bay

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Sandals Montego Bay was the first Sandals Resort, “The OG Sandals.” Known as the “Beachfront resort where the party never stops,” Montego Bay offers 12 restaurants, 6 bars, and seven pools and offers exchange privileges with the six other Sandals Resorts in Jamaica.

This resort is the closest to Sangster International Airport. This resort has some of the best nightlife offered at Sandals, and you can enjoy the nearby Sandals Royal Caribbean (which you won’t find on this list of Sandals cheapest resorts.)

Prices start at $608/night. You can check specials for Sandals Montego Bay along with a photo brochure here.

Sandals Barbados

What is the cheapest Sandals Resort? The most affordable Sandals Resort (6)

Staying at Sandals Barbados offers 2x the fun because when you visit Sandals Barbados, you can visit the adjacent (and more expensive) Sandals Royal Barbados as well. Sandals Barbados is home to stunning white-sand beaches, lots of monkeys, and beautiful clear water.

Sandals Barbados offers all-new Crystal Lagoon swim-up suites, 11 restaurants, three pools, and 7 bars. Guests will also be able to visit Sandals Royal Barbados during their stay for even more bars and restaurants.

Prices begin at $568/night. Check out pricing and view stunning photos of Sandals Barbados here.

Honorable Mention: Sandals Royal Curacao

What is the cheapest Sandals Resort? The most affordable Sandals Resort (7)

Although Sandals Royal Curacao will probably not be one of the cheapest Sandals Resorts, they offer some incredible deals for the grand opening! Opening in April 2022, Sandals 16th resort and their 9th Caribbean location is coming soon!

Guests will have 350 luxury rooms and access to the neighboring 18-hole Pete Dye championship.

You can check your dates here and hold your reservation for only $49/person.

What is the cheapest Sandals Resort?

So as you can see, if you’re looking for the least expensive Sandals Resort, you’ll likely end up staying in Jamaica. As a bonus, the flights to Jamaica are typically the most reasonable from the US.

Speaking of flights, I use Scott’s Cheap Flights to find deals to the Sandals locations. I have been using it for over two years and highly recommend it. You can get a free membership here! I recommend (and use) the paid version, but the free version also has great deals.

If you’d like to look at all of the resorts (along with pricing), make sure to check out my list of the Sandals Resort locations.

If you’re planning a Sandals vacation, you won’t want to miss:The five best Sandals Resorts for honeymoons

The Sandals resorts with the best value

I hope this list of the cheapest Sandals Resorts locations helps you decide which Sandals you’d like to visit. More confused now than ever? You should contact me! Planning a wedding can be stressful, so take away some of that stress by letting an expert take care of your honeymoon.

Are you planning a Sandals Ochi? Even better! I had over ten years of experience in the wedding industry before starting my Travel Agency and now specialize in booking honeymoons and destination weddings.

For the best deals, make sure to consider booking in advance. You’ll also want to have travel insurance – which Sandals is including for free right now! Check out more when you find out if your dates are available.

Although I am a Sandals Travel Agent, I am only taking on a few clients in 2022. You can contact me if you’d like more information.

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What is the cheapest Sandals Resort? The most affordable Sandals Resort (2024)


What is the cheapest Sandals Resort? The most affordable Sandals Resort? ›

Sandals Ochi

Sandals Ochi
Overall, Sandals Ochi is the largest and most affordable Sandals Resort, and many people like the variety of dining and entertainment options available. Onsite you'll find 11 bars (including the Caribbean's first Speakeasy), 16 amazing restaurants, and the Ochi Beach Club.
https://www.honeymoonalways.com › sandals-ochi-ocho-rios-...
in Jamaica is the cheapest Sandals resort. Starting at $243, the Great House Luxury Room provides easy access to the resort's best restaurants, bars, and amenities. Each room includes a personal balcony with lovely views and a well-appointed en-suite bathroom.

What is the cheapest month to go to a Sandals resort? ›

Travel During the Off-Season for the Best Rates

One way to save money on a Sandals resort is to travel during the off-season. The off-season is typically from late April to mid-June and then from late August to early November. Rates will be lower during this period, and you can often find great deals.

What time of year is cheapest at Sandals? ›

You can find the cheapest Sandals resort rates between June and November, as peak season for Sandals resorts is mid-December to mid-April.

Is beaches cheaper than Sandals? ›

Overall, Sandals Resorts tend to be more expensive than Beaches Resorts on a per-person basis. This is partly because Sandals Resorts offer a more luxurious experience, with higher-end amenities and accommodations like swim-up suites and bungalows.

Which Sandals resort is closest to the US? ›

The closest Sandals resort to the United States is in Sandals Royal Bahamian, with Sandals Emerald Bay coming in a close second. These two Sandals resorts in The Bahamas are just an hour by plane from Miami, Florida.

Can you pay over time for Sandals vacation? ›

Yes, Sandals resorts have payment plans. You can pay for your Sandals vacation in 3- to 24-month installments under the Layaway and Playaway program.

Which Sandals resort is the least busy? ›

Sandals Royal Plantation touts relatively few suites (72, to be exact) which means there just aren't as many people around. Located between the beautiful mountains and tranquil waters of Jamaica, seclusion is guaranteed. Plus, there are two private beaches with personalized service, which you'll be sure to enjoy.

How to get free upgrade at Sandals? ›

Room upgrades can be done though agents at 1-888-SANDALS or when you arrive to the resort. However, they are subject to availability.

Are all Sandals the same price? ›

The cost of a Sandal vacation depends on which Sandals Resort you choose, the room category you select, and which month your book your trip for. However, because every Sandals Resort is all-inclusive, this means your stay, entertainment, activities, and unlimited food & drinks are included in the booking price.

What is the average age of guests at Sandals Resorts? ›

Having traveled to a number of Sandals Resorts, the majority of the guests are in the range of 30 to 40. My wife and I are in our 60's and feel very comfortable there. We always meet couples in their late 40's through 50's. there is always a nice older crowd, but that is the smaller crowd as a percent of guests.

How many nights do you have to stay at Sandals to get a free week? ›

Members must have 70 paid nights to be awarded their Free Week Certificate to any Sandals or Beaches. Complimentary, unpaid nights do not count towards the free week. The Free Week certificate is awarded at the weekly Loyalty Dinner.

Are sandal resorts expensive? ›

The cost of a week at Sandals can vary widely depending on the resort you choose, the level of room you want, and the time of year you travel. On average, a 5-night stay at Sandals can cost about $2800 to $4800, and a 7-night stay at Sandals can cost from $4000 to $8500 per couple.

Is it free to tip at Sandals? ›

Tips and gratuities are included in the cost of your vacation package at Sandals and Beaches Resorts. This means you can leave your wallet at home and still take advantage of the resort's many perks and services. This includes restaurants, bars, and all other resort facilities.


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